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The naming of our school was to memorialize two worthy citizens, a father and son by the same name, Alonzo De León


  • Founded Cadereita, Nuevo Leon, from which came most of the settlers of Reynosa, the colony with jurisdiction over what is now McAllen.
  • Wrote the first history of the province of Nuevo Leon, Northern Mexico and Southern Texas in 1649.


  • Was General and Governor of the Province of Coahuila Northern Mexico which would later become the province of Coahuila-Texas.
  • Was the first Spaniard  to explore, survey, and map the Lower Rio Grande Valley on both sides of the river and what is now Mc Allen.
  • Was a leader of five expeditions into Texas starting in 1686.
  • Led a fourth expedition into Texas and found the long sought after La Salle Colony on the coast of Texas which served as the impetus to the colonizing of Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
  • Discovered and named the rivers Nueces, Frio Guadalupe, and defined what would later be the boundaries of the future province of Texas.
  • Discovered the “Tejas” Indians in East Texas who would later give their name to Texas.
  • Led his fifth expedition into Texas to find the missions in Texas among the Tejas Indians of East Texas.

This information was shared by Dr. Cayetano, E. Barrera, President, Advisory Board, UTPA Rio Grande Valley Historical Collection

Lucero Latigo, Researcher of Information (1991-92)

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